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What is Voyage Mount Joy?

We are the official Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) of Mount Joy.

To our local residents, and to our visitors, welcome! We are so glad you are here!

We are a nonprofit formed by a group of committed business leaders, community stakeholders, and dedicated residents who are volunteering their time to our vision:

 Identifying and focusing on the differentiating strengths of Mount Joy, and leveraging the combined power of stakeholders and resources to establish the town’s competitive identity, while invoking positive feelings, respect, and loyalty of those who visit, reside, and work in Mount Joy.

Voyage Mount Joy hopes to honor the history of Mount Joy, while helping to build the future. The organization has big plans to bring the Mount Joy community together; from becoming the go-to resource for all local events and happenings, to creating keystone events that become a sense of pride for the town.

Voyage Mount Joy wants to serve the community by helping create Mount Joy memories. The organization welcomes volunteers who want to help their Vision become a reality. Please visit the contact page to send us a message!

Our Board of Directors

Sheri Bare, President, owner of Room With a View

Allory Headshot.jpg

Allory Melhorn, Event Planner, owner of Melhorn Manor

Eric Headshot.JPG

Eric Roering, Corporate Accountant, owner of Fontana Candle Co.

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Joy Helsel, Member at Large, owner of The Joy of Sweets and Treats

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